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Cheap Ways to Promote Your Home Business

Marketing your home business doesn’t have to break your bank. Here are some cheap ways to promote your home business that really work.

Businesses, even home businesses, have market in order to survive and thrive. Without letting someone know who you are, what you have to offer, and how it can change their life, you’ll soon end up with having a hobby, not a bill-paying business.

But for many new entrepreneurs, the world of online marketing can seem overwhelming and too hard. And hiring someone to handle that part of your business may not be in the budget.

But there’s hope.

As effective as the traditional ways of marketing online are, there are some tried and true, old school marketing tactics that are often overlooked. Some may even wonder if they still work.

Though online marketing is what’s taught most for bloggers and entrepreneurs, there are some unconventional ways of marketing that are just as effective, and often less expensive.

If you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone and try something new, here are some old school marketing ideas that still work for home businesses, direct sales, and blogs:

5 Offline Marketing Tactics that Still Work

1 – Car decals

When I first started working from home, I got involved in a few different direct sales businesses. One of the ways they recommended advertising my business was to get a car magnet or car decal with my business information on it. I ordered my first car magnet from VistaPrint and I actually received quite a bit of business from it.

This method can work for blogs too. Simply put your blog name and URL on a magnetic sign along with a catchy phrase about what you offer. You’ll be surprised at how many visits this generates for your blog.

2 – Business cards

I don’t know how many times I’ve been out around town or at a social event where I get into a conversation with someone about what I do. It’s been very helpful to have a business card on hand to give out as a visual aid and reminder.

You can create some really cute designs using VistaPrint, Canva or Pic Monkey. Here’s a snapshot of one of my old business cards:

3 – Flyers

There are community bulletin boards in various establishments in my town. From laundry mats to sub sandwich shops, you can find boards loaded with local business’ cards and flyers. I’ve created inexpensive, yet colorful flyers with enticing information and placed them on these boards. I usually put about 5 together so people can take one and leave the rest for others.

For one direct sales company I worked with, I even visited large apartment complexes and spoke to the on-site manager to request they include my flyer in their monthly newsletter mailings. The majority of the sites agreed to do this and I received many calls as a result – some as long as 6 months later.

4 – Sticky Notes

This is one of my favorite marketing methods because it’s so easy to do. I created sticky notes with my blog information and a call to action. I was targeting moms with this design and I would stick them wherever moms hung out: libraries, parks, playgrounds, etc. I’ve even stuck them to ATM’s and gas pumps before. They’re easy and they work!

5 – Postcards

There are two different methods of marketing that I use postcards for. One is to create colorful and informative postcards with my business’ or blog’s information and leave them around town as I would a flyer or small business card. And depending on your business, many apartment complexes will let you leave the postcards in their office.

The other method for using postcards is to buy postcard leads for your particular niche from leads businesses. For example, I target moms who want to work from home, so I use companies, like Home Based Business Leads (I’m not an affiliate – just had good results with them), to buy postcard leads from. I then handwrite a brief message on a blank postcard and mail it to the contact. My message was something like this…

I received your name as someone looking to work from home. I share a free step-by-step practical guide to making this dream a reality. Get all the details at or call (###-###-####).

These are just a few of the cheap ways to promote your home business that I’ve personally used and found to be successful. Hopefully this gives you some new methods to try or maybe it will spark other ideas of your own.

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