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Show Others You Understand

Being vulnerable isn’t always easy. In fact, for some personalities, it’s seems like a death wish.

What will they think?

What will they say?

Will they think my idea is stupid?

I’m not as polished as she is…

These are some of the many thoughts that swirl around some of our heads when we think about sharing something personal about ourselves.

And when blogging, we’re supposed to be the expert, right?

I can’t let my audience know I don’t know everything about my topic.

I can’t reveal I’ve failed at X, Y or Z because then no one will trust that I now know what I’m doing.

But it’s when we are vulnerable that people feel we can really understand them. You see, no one is perfect. No. One.

So we all are looking for someone who’s been where we are–who perhaps has struggled with the things we have, someone who has failed before but found a way to succeed.

When you are open, honest and vulnerable, you help others believe in you more and then they’ll be more willing to listen to what you have to say.

So, forget about trying to appear perfect. Show your flaws, share your lessons and experiences and show others that you really get them.

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